Hola Argentina: The Beginning of a Great Adventure

As most of you know, I have really taking a liking to seeing the world.  This huge world and I have once again found a place I can call ‘home away from home’.  I got on a flight to this country not knowing anything about their culture; now after a few days I am left speechless.  Buenos Aires is a city immersed with diverse community, great coffee and unique goods.  IMG_7987.JPGThe first full day in Argentina my two roommates, Jasmine and Morgan, explored as much as we could.  Walking around the city we tumbled upon a street fair that was incredible.  Mind you, we are three Americans with little background of Spanish.  Within this fair are all homemade jewelry, purses, clothes, art and much more. Once we found a english-speaking person we were ecstatic and made friends with him.  He is a jewelry/handbag artist who hand makes every piece.  We got to talking and he is a local that is very kind.  By the time we left his stand, he offered to costume make me a purse and Jasmine a ring.  I am so excited to show off my beautiful purse! The street fair was something so hard to describe, but in short it is awesome!! The hard work put into every item is very noticeable and extremely impressive.  I wish everyone could see the talent the artist have.  Although I could talk about the street fair all day you need to hear about their wonderful food.  The food is not all what I expected, it is a lot different then the typical Italian food. Since they are known for the beef I had to try it, but to my surprise it was the side dish that I want to rave about. IMG_8006.JPGSince the menu was in Spanish I had no idea what I was ordering. The side dish was a mixture of sweet potatoes and regular potatoes. This is an odd combination with a different color that tasted fabulous! I cannot wait to try more foods and love them! During the week Morgan, Jasmine and I spent time getting to know each other. I am so happy to say I have great travel buddies, again. The three of us have been able to make a good time out of getting lost in a foreign country. We are all go-with-the-flow type of people, which makes it very easy to get along with. Within one short week I feel I have learned about them and the Argentine culture. With all the cultures I have encountered this year, the Argentine culture is the most interesting. I have not been able to put my figure on why it is so different but I plan to figure it out. I can not wait to see what else will surprise me.





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I made the decision to come to Florence about a year ago. Although I decided a long time ago I did not believe I was truly going. Listening to the amazing memories past students made encouraged me to go. Before leaving I had fearful thoughts running through my head at all times. How am I going to adjust? Will anybody speak English? Did I make the right decision? And the one question that never left my head...How am I going to function without my family. After thinking more and more about these questions I found the answer to all of them. If I was not able to adjust or function without my wonderful family, God would have somehow stopped me. I am here not because of luck but because this was in God's plan for me.

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